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One-On-One Fashion Consultations

Our excellent team of designers and fashion experts wants to ensure that you look and feel your best in every garment you purchase from us. That’s why we suggest booking a complimentary one-on-one fashion consultation. Appointments can be made for 15-60 minutes intervals, depending on the requests and requirements. 


Since 1995. Nina’s Collection Boutique has been providing complimentary one-on-one fashion consultations. This service has become legendary to our brand and in building a relationship with our customers. Our Fashion experts are experienced in listening to your needs and gaining an understanding of your personal style. This allows them to assist you with finding the perfect garment for your special occasion and building a long-term relationship. 


To accommodate cultural traditions we offer private women’s only appointments. To ensure complete privacy and discretion. For your convenience, these can be booked during and outside of our regular business hours. Please call our boutique to reserve this service. At Nina’s Collection Boutique we understand that dresses come in standard sizes and women don’t. This is why we offer a full array of customizable services to ensure your  attire fits you perfectly. Our collection is designed for - petite, standard, tall and plus - size women. We manufacture our dresses in sizes XS  - 4XL (00 - 24). 


We take great pride in the array of services to assist women with their perfect shopping experience. Our team of designers and fashion experts will help you in selecting clothing that will perfectly fit your individual style, and shape. 


We understand the true importance of finding the perfect gown for your special occasion, and your satisfaction and enjoyment is important to us. 

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